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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sausages In The Blanket

weekend finger food
company my study

cute isn't it..?
I adapted the recipe from this blog you may use google translate if you are not Bahasa speaker.

I use oat instead of bread crumb to cover the "blanket" before deep fried...

If you are on diet,
don't touch this food..
deep fried + bread + everything...

serve with your favorite sauces
Thai Chili sauces, BBQ sauces, Thousand Island.. all match perfectly
(I only have kfc sachet sauce, well matched too...)

have a great Weekend....


sandalian said...

Jadi tepung panir/bread crumb bisa diganti dengan oat? Any kind of oat?

Kelley said...

Bisa, fungsinya sama.. dan tidak begitu berminyak.
any kind you wish to use.. (I use the old oat i don't want to eat)

Kelley said...

Do you know that you can use oatmeal for face scrub too? it works better than any face soap..