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Friday, 13 April 2012

Port Dickson : Short Day Off Getaway

We had another public holiday in Malaysia,
The New King inauguration. How cool is that when your country have a King or Queen, not a greedy President who always whining about salary increment.

talk about situation in my home country will only make me feel disguise.
Let's talk about something else which is more fun.

So yes,
we had short day off. And we plan for getaway around. Port Dickson is the nearest Beaches we can sit and drink.
(We have Port Klang Yatch Club here, but how fun if you sat by the sore and watch plastic floating around by the sea. Can't even have picnic)

Picnic... Yaiy...!

1 hour in an open roof car, 35 Celcius, in the middle of Highway.
I am cooked. Medium to well...

sniff..sniff... I smell like a steak

Spread the mat, put cooler box,
open your slipper, sandals, flip-flop, high heel..
take a  deep breath...
and yelled..
"Yaiy... I have Picnic..."

**somebody get too excited and throw their flip flop around the sands.

That is our coleman cooler we bought this morning in some hardware shop.
very handy for picnic
just fill up with lot of ice cube, wine, beer, coke, and water..

next time we bring BBQ pit also

Port Dickson is not that fancy beaches like Tioman, Pangkor Laut or Phuket.
But for short Day Off, its quite entertaining.
Especially for person who always crave for beach, sands and sun,
and always love being lazy like me.

Took 1 hour to drive from Kuala Lumpur, via Seremban Highway.

It's a low tide this afternoon,
the sea is way too far from us. When we took a walk,
I saw lot of black spot like tiny rocks..

But when I got closer..

they are tiny mud crab and sea snails..

lot lot lot lot lot of them...
along the beaches...

I start think about how much those little creatures gives us protein.
Tiny crab chips, tiny crab pancakes,
stir fried tiny crabs,
tiny crabs tom yam soup..

Sea snail curry, BBQ snail,
sweet and sour snails..

Feed me for the rest of my life, If I live here...!

close up...

they are cute

most of them hiding in the hole when we get close to them,
They might get scared a giant human step on and smashed them

manage to catch one,

was think to bring it home for pet..

but I can't :'(

so I have to happy enough to bring their picture home

cute tiny grey ball-shape body with bright orange eyes

another creature..
(I don't know the name)
Crab for the legs, Snail for the house

catches some of them,

but then I have to release back

another weird stuff I snap
Quite Cute..

tired with the animal planet,

We move to take a picture around the beach..

well actually not that bad...

quite fun..

Hide under the shade..

drink my beer and eat my chips

and went home after sun goes down,
for dinner to do school assignment..


Klita said...

I feel like i was there....suka foto2nya...damai, tenang dan penuh cinta hahaha...suka bagian foto pantainya, foto daun2nya, foto hewan2 kecilnya dan terutama fotomu di spion mobil, aq selalu suka liat foto orng di spion mobil hahaha nice picnic* ada yg kurang, harusnya kmu bawa tas coklat anyaman itu, next time promise me to bring it ;)

Kelley said...

next time hope we can have a picnic too...