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Monday, 23 April 2012

Big Dinner

Take away from Kohinoor

Exam : Failed
Presentation : Awful
Mood : Fucked Up
Body : Tired
Assignment : A pile of
Work : Came like tsunami...

Stress : Yes (but I got no choice...)

What I want to do now is soak myself in a big big big big bath tub with lot lot lot hot water and bubble.
Drink barrel of chilled white wine...
Followed by watch Discovery Channel (Hang On, Soccer tonight... nobody can touch the TV for MU game)
OKE LAH......

Food is always another good way to pamper the feeling after bad bad bad bad bad week. And we have Indian food tonight...! yeee heeee......
I love the way Northern Indian cook their food, tasty but light.
Not greasy like how mamak or southern Indian made.

Cauliflower curry,  Briyani Rice, Chicken Tandoori, Garlic Naan,
Lamb Curry, Pickled cabbage (sauer kraut), papadum (Indian crackers) in one plate.

Do I look greedy? hehehehehhe.... YES, I am awesomely greedy!

How much the calories...?
A looooottt.....
but so yummy...
I have a very hard option...

lie down on couch, relax, wine, and watch some silly movie tonight?
Very relieving...!

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