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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saigon Weekend Getaway 2 : Jaspa's Restaurant

Walk across in a very familiar road.
(I know where I am)

I know almost all part of District 1 in HCMC.
I can walk easily and find what I need.
It feels like I am in my 2nd home sometimes.

landed in Saigon. 
Walk on their street,  slurrping their cheap noddle soup or munching spring roll.
Drink the local iced coffee, or 333 beer always give me different feeling.
I really feel I am very connected with Ho Chi Minh City.

I never falling in love with a place at the first step like I love Saigon.
Here in Saigon District 1, I can spend my whole early morning till lunch hour to walk around
just to breathe the pollute air and get burned skin.

Now I start think where I going to settled when I am retired.
Buy some land in Batam, and build shipyard there...
Buy some land in Bintan, and open diving centre there... ( I know who I have to hire for scuber)
*can I call it a guy/girl doing scuba diving as a scuber?
Or Living in Vietnam and spend my days drink 333...?

tough plan..!
this place is so homey to me...

Behind the taxi parked,
on the green (or blue) sign
there is Pho-24
the new outlet.

I will go there next time I am craving beef noddle, for cheaper price (USD 2-3)

keep walk, and stop just next to Grand Hotel
(Lunch here also cheap.. USD 7 for buffet and free wifi)

but I will cross the road.....

a very familiar restaurant,
in a very catchy colour...

I like to sit on the balcony at the top floor,
drink my beer and watch the traffic

Jaspa's owned by white family (I think Germany or Dutch)
Served food and drink in proper way, with a proper manner.
Waitress very polite and everything served clean.

yes, C.L.E.A.N...

under this umbrella

tried hard to smile
(when my heart fucked...)

beer for two, me and my friend..

food is OK here, 
actually quite good.
we had steak for dinner and not bad.
I just don't like the way they mashed the potatoes and mixed it with shocking washabi-taste like.
explode my nose.

Price are OK within USD 10-20 each dishes.
(almost same with Chili's)

I wonder what she eat,

look good too...

**should stop travel to Saigon, before I am too deep in love and too attached with this place.
could be dangerous and very costly...

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