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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Balik Kampong 1: Lesehan Food Stall

Solo City,
Surakarta - Central Java

Travel not in proper day,
in the middle of weekdays. I must been crazy...

Ah yes,
I am crazy. Wasn't sure what I was think about,
but for strong reason I still did this travel anyway.
Leave office and school work untouched.

Hate both of those food most of the time,
but today I ate two of them..

My stomach feel awful afterward.

After 2hrs flight, I will landed to my homecountry.
The place where I couldn't belong.
Weird eh...?
ah yes I am weird..

That is my hometown from skyview,
rice paddyfield cover most of the land.

If you noticed,

The same type of building like statue stay in almost T-Junction.
For what reason?
I don't even know..
Doesn't interest me at all.
I just want to go home, and sleep in my own house, and meet my own parent.
Eat home cooking,

but  my brother in law, too itchy want to show me something about traditional street food.

Iced Tea for me

Ice chocolate milk for him

Food for us,
OK not bad. I am happy to have this food...

Urap (Malay call it Kerabu)
Boiled mixed vegetable with spicy shreded coconut
What I can complaint about this nice, light and not so spicy...
Very homey

Sweet and Sour Prawn,
I barely touch it.
Had too much this kind of unhealthy food in Malaysia already.
I need a break I guess.

Tempe Penyet,
made from Tempe (soy bean,  boiled and fermented till form a cake)
**Great food for face, rich of collagen and lechitin.

Burpp.... finish eating,
time to go home...

**sorry for being so whiney,
I usually, soon I landed, rushed to Immigration, rushed to taxi,
and drove home.
Rushed to my mom's house, and THAT IT.

After life separate from home for so long, I always feel the only reason I go back to my hometown
I can't be bother to say HI to neighbourhood or go roam around tried the local delicacy I used to love loooong time a go

So, stop me to eat in some place which is not my house
made me extra whiney...

oh well,
another two hours trip. I will be home...

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