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Monday, 16 April 2012

The Last Supper...

Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Lower Ground

A swiss-style steak house restaurant,
first time i ate cheese fondue and bread here on my 28th birthday 2011.

And this restaurant steal my heart..
I repeat again for the last night before they tear down the hotel and closed for two years, 

Equatorial will shut down for at least two years.
They tear down all the building, and build a new stronger-higher-taller with better quality.

I am here....

Just here,
same seat.. same butler,
I was thinking I will met same singer and band will sang for me,
but not (bit sad...)

wide range of wine...
choose what you want..!!!

the welcome sign.. 

table for us

too small for three

cute butter and the cute butter top

fresh baked bread

my steak..

my friend steak,
traditional English braised etc etc etc
(I don't even know how to pronounce it)

The other friend's steak

I was too busy smiling when I had dinner,
everything look so fun,
so happy,
so nice..

they sang all the song I want
- Besame Mucho
- Amore
- Pretty Woman

I expected they will sang Santa Lucia, one of my fave too.. 
but they can't do without the lady singer. I wonder where is she.

I always love this place because of its live music.
Some questions arrive, why I insist to came and have dinner at this oldies place just because of it has live music. And why this place, plenty other place have live music too...

ha ha..
No..! not those crappy band playing crappy song.
With low skilled drum and keyboard player, behave like rocker-wanna be, poor sound system
and sang out of the line...

Here they sing slow,
Old songs you like, in a good soft classic quality (according to me...)
*feel like I was in Spanish cafe


my coffee for my dessert..
thick and fresh brew with
a cute coffee companies

Damage cost : A LOT,
but not as costly as Gonbei- San in Star Hill or eating sashimi in Kampachi
those two restaurant banned from my pocket.
Dinner here will same cost with dinner at Chili's or Fridays, as long as you watch what your wine intake and the brand you choose.


I LoVe iT


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