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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saigon Weekend Getaway 1

Ho Chi Minh City

I am in Saigon (again)
yes.. another weekend here until i know most of the corner in HCMC especially around Saigon River.

Tonight I fly just after I finish work.
Half running, half worry, half panic,
still with my working skirt I went to the airport.

Good thing about Than Shon Nhat Airport, HCMC there are plenty Wifi places.

And I have to wait around 2 hours, 
my friend arrived late....

Complimentary fruits and mini cakes
(same like last time)

Local Beer to wash the throat down

**wine should arrive very soon, but I never patient enough and just grab anything I can found in mini-bar..$$$$

Here I always had the best Pho'
lean meat, slurpee and light broth, but rich in spices.
Fresh herbs..

Pho 24 any other Beef Noddle Shop can't beat Pho' from Renaissance Hotel
USD 15/ Bowl ~ VND 320,000++
(In Benh Thanh Market you can use that money to buy 3-4 Tshirt, haha)

Expensive Pho' yes
But Oh well.. I got no option,
I am hungry and can't be bother to go down eat in street vendor at midnight.

Cheese Platter, crackers and fruits..
arrived with wine... **$$

And I slept... can't even bother to take shower...
tired day...!

no need to count how much money you've spent
just after you arrived in Saigon...

think bout that tomorrow..!

good night

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