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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Vietnamese Spring Roll (Gui Cuon)

after the Vietnam trip,
I am in love with the local to their food especially Gui Cuon (read : ghoi kun)
 brbrpp.. #hard to pronounce...?  YES..!!!

#ask the local to pronounce it for 
you several time, and repeat it... 
your ear will used to it and easy to repeat


Mike bought a pack of rice paper sheet in a store next to hotel in Vung Tau for me to learn how to make this spring roll in Malaysia, to make my mouth stop whining "I wana spring roooollll......."

nice isn't it?
and easy...
and no need to cook...
and cute..!

Add in lettuce, boiled vermicelli and carrot.
Make sure all the ingredient are chill, to avoid the rice paper melt.

add in any meat you like.

Chicken, Beef, Buffalo, Lamb, Pork, Deer, Rabbit, Iguana, Godzilla.. anything you wish to eat.
I put boiled chicken
(Sharon put grilled Orang-Utan in her spring roll)

top with two pieces mint leaves 

choose the best leaves you could find, because the appearance give big impact to the taste (especially if you want to serve it to your guest)

rolled it nicely 
(use the instinct)

this is what inside :)
#I'm such a champion.. Wink

Oh well, if you can't make a nice roll for the first time.. DON'T give up.
I finish almost whole package (50 sheets) and force myself to eat spring roll almost every night just because I want to learn how to roll this bloody food in a nice way.

Now I can make the "looks like" a normal spring roll...


p.s : if you wish to eat the spring roll in original taste, please do not follow my recipe
        HERE is the original one :)


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