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Friday, 14 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Vung Tau Front Beach )

late morning,
awake and being lazy...
buffet breakfast done, nothing to eat. All pringles, chips, cashew nut and beverage in minibar gone.

we are hungry...

room services..? NO..! I won't order any room services food before I eat the spring rolls.
So we just walk and explore

from this fancy hotel

via this bridge

behind of this sign

and this sexy statue

there is a cool beach

with awesome view

and cool swimming pool

and nice

then we go further.... watched volley ball but I can't stand with the heat,
I feel dehydration, so we go further and find a place which can sit and get some liquid.

a late breakfast

thinking, why life so hard at the moment...

on top of that hill, stand a giant Jesus 
(tomorrow I will go there to say HI to him)

Beach full of people today,
I think most of them came from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Vung Tau is a resort place for Saigon People to runaway from the messy of traffic. Yes, Vung Tau's road are empty most of the time.
And clean
(And I didn't see any man, pee on the side road too.....)

The beach remain me with Hong Kong,
clean sands and lot of sea shell in the shore.

Hmm... I think Vung Tau's beach are better. No stray dogs, no stray water buffaloes, and the shea sells are in a good shape. I collect some of them to bring back to Malaysia to make wind chime :)

Compare with Phuket...?
Vung Tau better, Phuket has too much prostitutes along the street in a early morning, noon and night.
Makes me feel weird to roaming around myself.

Vung Tau are safe,

that is my room, somewhere around there

collecting seashell on the beach
(just excuse so that I can take out my shoes)
those tiny hole around the sands are nest for tiny crab and sands flies (I think)
not good to lie down on the sands even with towel!

enjoy the breeze
Swimming pool is too deep for me..!

and the unlimited clean water

awesome view...


will go here again more often...!!!!


BuzyBugz said...

huwaaaa..mau mau mau...kolam renangnya keyeennn

Kelley said...

I'm in love with the swimming pool too... :)