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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Imperial Hotel Vung Tau )

I feel like in Vegas...!!!

I feel lucky to be me now :)
having this short wonderful vacation, and we stay in a great fancy hotel.

Marriot? Ritz Carlton? Four Season? yes, they are expensive hotel.
But all of them don't have fancy interior like Imperial Hotel

When I stay here for the first night, I feel like I was in Disneyland, haha.. (what a kampong gal)

antique table clock with roaring lion on top of "marble" like table and fake orchid 
**please ignore the cashew nut, and all of those silly drink i had.

Look at the sugar, even they design the package in a nice way. With English style picture.
Bit racist though, haha... but nice

the first swimming pool behind the room

look further,
the hotel try to build new things

I love the feeling of walk in this hall..
Like I am in the different world, not in 2011

the room number, and the sign of "do not disturb"

very unique.. hey Marriot use piece of paper hang on the door..
so, Imperial Vung Tau win.

nice antique lamp

the hall in front of lift

old style phone, old style side lamp, old style side table
bed..? wahahahha.... sould not take  a pic of my bed... always messy like a bear' nest

look at that...

an antique table and tiny TV
plasma OK

antique sink cover (I hope the name is correct)

i love this small unique design of the wall

empty street
compare with Saigon.. CHAOS

pose in front of the famous statue with my cherry dress.
Im size 6 now.. weee hoooo...!!!

the lobby hall with another golden statue

Harry Potter..? Maybe!

and I'm in love with this fountain hold by two angel

and the Dome

the fountain view from 2nd floor

the lobby from the 2nd floor
do you notice the painting on the roof??

Am I too much took and upload the same pics..?
I don't care.. I enjoy it.. :)

I Love this place...

I will go here again for sure...

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