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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

SAIGON WITH LOVE (Vietnam Last part)

Actually without love,
the love leave behind for meeting :'(

I went back from Vung Tau to Saigon myself. Was bit scary because that is my first time I travel to Vietnam alone.

Scary...? Travel alone...?
Hellooooo.... girllll.... did you ever travel together with someone before?
you always travel alone don't you?
And often got lost everywhere don't you?
why suddenly feel so girly and scared travel alone (what a drama..., haha)

OK..OK I admitted..
I don't feel scared at all.. 
Travel is not a new thing for me,
I just feel emotional because I don't want to go back to Malaysia but I have to...

The Restaurant I went, don't asked me how to pronounce..

I was expected that Vietnamese will talk like Thai, but they talk more like Cantonese or Hokkien (or any other Chinese dialect) but definitely far from Thai, Cambodia, or Myanmar Language which more familiar to my ears.

It's a garden concept restaurant,
please choose outdoor which has better view. The Indoor also have fountain view, but not the 2nd floor (other building's roof view)

Friendly, warm, and very relax..
some mosquitos bite me too, but that tiny distraction was totally forgiven

simple and neat table setting..

Vietnamese Spring Roll...!!!

I've dreamed about this food from the night before i travel. I don't feel like to have some steak, or lamb chop, or jumbo size of steak, or any other steak like usual.

My head keep dreaming about Spring Roll and all of those street food.
But Mike said, that street food is not really clean. High chance to catched by some diseases.

sounds fussy in my ear because I love street food, but that is true.
I saw many times a man, stopped his motobike and walk towards the wall.
Stand in front of wall, and start doing their "business"

most of people doing the same thing all the way I saw.
So, I imagine when the street stall or street hawker's men want to pee all of the sudden. They will run into bushes or wall. And pee, and without wash their hand, they start arranging my Banh Mien or my Pho..


plenty extra nutrition... ewwk!
So I do not buy any street food there, and wait until I found proper place to eat.
(at least I didn't see them pee then served my food)

steamed shelled prawn, wrapped into thin rice paper sheet
with plenty "friends" inside
lettuce, boiled vermicelly, carrot, chives

served with brown sauce with punded peanut on top.
not sure what is the name of the sauce, when I google it called "hoi shin" sauce mixed with plenty stuff.

sneak into the kitchen, they have soooo much thing
neat, tidy and very clean.

Most of the food incharge in this restaurant are woman,
so I confident, there are no "pee and run" activity here (women do not pee and run like a men)

Second dishes,
noddle soup with beef and some of cow's inner part.
Served with rice crackers..
tasted awesome..!
served with lot of bean sprout, leaves, and some chili.. incredible!
(I don't know what's the name, the local customer recommend me this food)

I don't know what is your name, but I'm in love with you..

couple second before slurpee section..

Third dish, I don't know the name too...
those food were arrive themselves.
self arranged mini prawn pancake, served with lettuce leaves, and plenty herbs
dip into swet and sour sauce..
dump into the mouth..
chew couple times, and swallow slowly...

WOW... new experience for me!

close up of the mini prawn pancakes..

just stack everything you found on the table like this,
drip the sauce on top of the prawn

pose with big smile...

open the mouth as big as you could,
throw everything inside

****that is the wrong way to eat that stuff,
        I should rolled it neatly, dip into the sauce
        and bite it little by little like a mini sandwich

I'm kind of un-trained customer...!

I need to run to catch up my flight.

Bye Vietnam,

I will visit you more often for plenty reason...!


Edward said...
It's Mi Quang
and this one is Banh Khot

Mrs said...

thanks Edward :)