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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Giant Jesus Statue )

checking the camera, batteries, and the lenses..
all work fine..

We going to visit Giant Jesus today,
a very famous statue in Vung Tau. It is 10 minutes taxi from Hotel, and cost us VND 40,000 (USD 2)

snap before breakfast..
I Love my Kylie Lang dress!
cool and soft material, nice for sweaty-tropical-armpit like mine.. lol

look at that stiff stairs..

I doubt I can go there at the first time, and start whining "can we go home...?" 
answered by => HOME...?!?!? what home...?  Malaysia..?

"Is there any cable car..?"
"Any way the taxi can go up..?"

but actually plenty pit-stop to rest and breath..
and lot of nice statue to take a pic along the way

and the view under there are nice too...

the Sea look really clean, just my camera can't catch nice picture as great as him

pose in front of massive stairs before step
(Now I love my gladiator style sandals... very helpful)

couple snaps during pit-stop for breath,
no we didn't bring water..
Next time we will fill up the picnic bag with 333, Saigon, or Tiger

Nice religious statues...
don't really understand what is that about..

we almost there..!!
go go go...

keep walking..!

Mike  : do I look like the statue yet?
Me : Almost.. if you put a lightning rod on top of your head, you looks like that statue

nice relief surround the wall

I don't know what is the name of this stuff, something to put on top of tank and to explode a bomb.

ah, we meet our friend here... :D

he also want to pose in front of the statue..

all strange name carved on the bank (maybe they donate to make this place come true)

the trip closed with red wine and couple bottle of Saigon

and being lazy here...

relax a bit next to the pool before catch ferry to Saigon

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