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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bitchy Comment..? who cares

the most ridiculous way to make people feel guilty

just not work on me

when my friend asked me why I disagree with this ads spread on facebook.
I said :

1. Steve jobs create something to make our life easier, those people's parents do not create anything except hijacking my tanker, my container and other ship.

2. Steve Jobs do not kill his family or his people, those people kill their own people just because of different skin colour, religion, or little piece of dessert land.

3. Steve Jobs work and feed his family, those people expecting food and medicine from UN, UNICEF, WHO, and us.. (you & me) by name of humanity.
Since I was child, this story been like this.. COME ON..!

4.  Steve Jobs will follow govt rule if they asked him or his family do HIV test, those people's parents or brother or sisters refuse did HIV test by name of Human Right.
Why I said so, because my friend work in UN in Africa and she cried, how hard try to teach this people about the important of having HIV test, faith to your partner, or using condom.
Asia was had high HIV case ten years ago, but our people follow what govt said. 
And the disease do not spread as high as before now. People have willing to listen.. THEY DO NOT...

5. Boy.... ask your parent to stop selling your diamond, gold, oil, Elephant's tusks, import gun...
and killing each other.

6. Boy.. ask your elder sister and brother, when they come to Asia.. ask them to stop bring in and selling drugs, and abuse their student visa. 

NO.. I don't feel pity on them.
their government need to grow up,
stop war among themselves and cultivated their land to feed their kids...

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