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Monday, 17 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Imperial Beach Club, Vung Tau )

It is totally different with Beach Club we have in Kuala Lumpur.


here we are, a building next to a nice swimming pool with nice view

find a shade and place to eat..

I'm in love with the wall decoration. Especialy the light house miniature. Cute isn't it..?
wish they have it here

a nice and simple table setting

a list of the seafood menu, but I can't figure out what I'm going to eat.
My brain only can mentioned one name : Vietnamese spring roll...!!

can you believe how much the price of this stuff in Vietnam...?
USD 0.40 in Saigon supermarket, USD 0.75 in a local beach restaurant, USD 1 in room minibar, and USD 2.00 when we order by the pool.

what an awesome price...!

our prawn.. nice..!

a happy prawn..

everybody agree that the rice in Vietnam are just nice and different with what we had in Malaysia and Indonesia. Fragant, sticky and just nice in the mouth.

Mark's stir squid with pineapple (I steal his pineapple while he was too busy talking)

my first Vietnamese beef soup PHO, (Read : Foa)

It taste awesome. The soup's broth is clear and light, with  plenty white spices and herbs.
No bloated feeling.
They give additional herbs who knows I want more leaves for fiber source.
I don't think so, I don't need that much fiber in my body

Pho's company,
dark liquid in a tall glass is a MUST
FYI, that is the best ever antiseptic ever for your stomach. To prevent food poisoning..

don't believe me? try it..!

bored with local, order Steak Sandwich before sleep to company the animal planet night
what a western food...!!

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