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Friday, 30 September 2011

SWOT yourself


do I look a threat for you beibeh... or I look an opportunity... *WINKKKKKKKKKKKK


If you are MBA student on first semester,
the first day they will force you to take Marketing Business.
And you will notice the lecturer keep repeating the same words





SWOT... baby... swoot... swooot Forest... swot...
(it's more like scene when Jennie asked Forest Gump to run, lol)

Ok, back to SWOT
S : Strenght
W : Weakness
O : Opportunity
T : Threat

If you more to Real SWOT analysis for business or anything, please google yourself.
Because I won't talk about business here...

My blog is rambling stuff, we don't talk about something in a high quality texture...
messier is  better,
crazier.. even better...
stupider... => this English is wrong..

when Prof.  XXX, my lecturer repeat the words SWOT for zillion time

"Understand the factor.. Understand.. Find it.. Find it.. Make a list
what make the company look better, and what make them always fell over"

(okie.. the rest i create the sentence myself) and my brain poisoned by swot words.

so, when he said about SWOT company,
I keep thinking how about SWOT ourselves.

to know what is our strength, weakness, what opportunity might good for us,
and what are things from outside that always become threat for us.. that always make our life awful or sad

I tried to SWOT myself, and wrote it


- I know how to cheer up myself
- Not easy give up
- Don't really give a crap to small matter
- Im smart (oh well, I feel I'm smart... but you are the best judge..)


- can't stand on ticket sales
- never able to say NO for travel
- Easy distracted by good looking guy
umm.. not really,
I never really get interested on appearance.
smart guy with XXL brain who can talk about everything attract me more than just appearance.

I know my other weakness, but not good to tell in public eh.. :->


- this is my problem, I never good catch opportunity...
always too stupid and waste too much time taking care and "drugged" on my weakness until i missed the life opportunity


- Air Asia Zero Ringgit Sales
- Sales on Kylie Lang, the Executive and Triumph
- Good food, cozy couch and Animal Planet

I think by understand myself, I can describe myself better...
and know how to handle me when i got problem...

How good you understand yourself...?
make a list and SWOT yourself ....

rambling-nonsense post huh...?
Can't help it..

this topic is too interesting to leave behind


BuzyBugz said...

i like this topic so much ...thanks for sharing and it's always 'sooooo you', still funny post event serious topic actually :p

Kelley said...

I try to be serious but i don't think I am good in that stuff...

I like this post too.. :) thank's for reading