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Thursday, 22 September 2011

An evening conversation

Marriot lower ground,
drink sangria and eating cup noddle

a conversation between Kelley and KFC,
watched by Alan the chief who always sneak out into guest' table

"I think I'm done with this...,
If this is not work out, I will be a lesbian..
Just buy rubber d**do, and problem solved. 
I can't handle broken heart,
too sad for me,
No more broken heart pleaseeeee... "

"What you going to do with your plan having kid, if you have imitation product"

Alan : 
I'm a gay and I don't have plan to have kid like you,
but still.... I don't like imitation, 
I love handsome man.... oouuww...

Me & KFC : 

"I think I'm going to go to Damansara fertility centre.. so that I can pregnant and have baby in 2012"

"How..? Eww... you mean....?"

"Yeah.. they will give me the history on each categories, include race, height, education, IQ, EQ, da..da..di..di.. so I can choose the best breed I want. I just pay, and they will injected to me"

"Insemination? Breed..? Like a cow!!?!?!?  My cousin sister turn into cattle breeder than human I guess.." 

KFC watch me with a hopeless pity face to me, 
gulp the rest on his glass without chew the fruits, and order tequila shot soon afterwards...

"oh, shut up Klaus... your imagination is disgusting"

Alan watch me with this kind of face  =.=

"oh, you too shut up and do your work..."

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