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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Penang 3 : Sick In Hotel

Rain everywhere...
too lazy to go anywhere..

really sick in the room..

I thought I am pregnant
 (yaiy.. I have baby, can play around at home, no need to go to work..!!!!)

unfortunately not..!
I got sick because I ate too much curry and all of those delicious spicy street food
the night before.. 
ewwhhh... you blow out my dream..!!!

look how chubby I am...
I thought it was another sign of getting pregnant..

unfortunately, the chubby cheek is the sign of EATING TOO MUCH...!!!!!

I feel I look awesome in this kind of look..
glowing skin,
full of happiness...
 (dreaming huh)

I need to rest,
not in the good mood...
not in the good feeling

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