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Monday, 26 September 2011

Penang Short Trip

Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Visit Penang is not complete without eating street food,
sneak out from office and runaway to Penang..

It just took 4 hours by bus,
and the trip was not bad at all...

pasembor a.k.a rojak penang

is an Indian salad with a thick, sweet and hearty gravy.
You could ever find pasembor as great as this is Kuala Lumpur...


Ice kacang top up with ice cream => not for me...

mie goreng mamak...

Char Kuew Teow AWESOME.....

nothing like Penang street food...

and a "soft drink" to wash down..

Batu Ferringhi,
not as happening as before..
three cafe are close down and only Ali beach bar left behind, beside of some mamak stall and food court selling steam fish

Jamie and his wife still work there..
Ali Guest House which is burn down last couple months, now build up in a same shape but all brand new furniture (so yes... very clean and cozy)


 hunting the best roti canai and murtabak...
but we couldn't get it

the weather was really sucks.. cloudy and full of rain.

pose and give my hungry smile

one or two coffee...
to kill the time


and a place to sleep
resting.. and get myself ready for walk around tomorrow

view from the room window..

very unique with old shop selling lot of nice street food..

nice short holiday :)
we heart Penang

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