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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pasta and Wine

hearty food at home..

I am officially back as student..! yaiy,
yes yesterday was the registration day. I spent whole day in Uni's hall for this and that.
I was think to join straight away to Tax Business class right after registration done, but then..

You know, when you relief from doing all of those stressful stuff,
only by that you feel really-really tired. Then I change my mind when I was in taxi, 
and told the driver
"Ok.. go home..."
then sleep from afternoon till evening..

the good story was,
I was the most pain in the ass person who keep calling and follow up my application.
Suddenly I feel everybody knows me
"ah, you must me Diyan"
"oh, you are that Diyan"
that was fun, everybody notice me.. I feel like famous people, lol

very relief, and sweet with 'lil celebration afterward..

pull out some wine glasses, allow us eating some butter,
and cook hearty pasta with plenty sauces..

we have 'lil celebration at home..!
for "Congratulation, you able to enter back to Uni" and "No more whining-moaning-complaining"

*well, of course.. If something bad happen, the nearest person with you are the one who has extra ear to listen all your daily complain.

they relief now, haha

the last bowl is salad and bread for side dish

our Bolognese Pasta..

this wine is quite new to me, never had before..
not really easy to drink

here is our extra simple but great recipe....
Now I can sleep tight, no more stress about 

Sunshine, really sparkling and bright..
Kuala Lumpur's weather are very friendly
and all feel beautiful..

have a great weekend...

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