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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beef Parmigiana

a new food on my menu list...
love it..!!!

I love a good food with a good wine,
I love to pamper my tongue especially when I have unstable hormonal condition (read : period)
I always run into food and drink.

But.. if I keep follow my feeling to eating out,
definitely i will run broke by middle of the month and I can't pay my school fee (eewwwk...)
This is also one of the reason I start learn how to cook food I love to eat.

Wayne is the one who taught me how to make beef parmigiana,
but then i tried to make it myself in cheating way
recipe is here

his sauce is Napoli sauce made from scratch, mine is prego-red-sauce in jar muahahhaa...!!!

the beef were same, 
just his were smuggled from Australia last Christmas, where mine is bought from Carefour..

He : Roasted them properly on the oven, 
Me : I steam first to make it soft faster, then slightly roasted together with the beef patties (save my electric bill)

Beef patties,
He : covered the meat with homemade bread crumb
Me : Quaker oat..!!!!

We have same taste on wine,
we choose almost same wine..

Nice and healthy home cooking food,
worth an effort

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