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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another Nice Hari Raya Gift

do you believe in a wise advise
"If you see world in positive way, always feel happy, grateful and lucky.. luck and happiness will keep follow you"

I DO...!!

I got my treasure back..!!!

It was from yesterday when I spent Hari Raya morning with friends eating pancake,
one of other friend which is now the tenant of my old house, call me whether I'm free..
YES FOR SURE.. we met, chit-chat and end  up with pick up my school books from old house.

Yes, enter that house is not nice, not fun at all...
I hate that place though, and hope that i would never see those place again.
Was think to pick up rest of my stuff too...
But I couldn't find them, instead i found a paper.. written the list if stuff that already sold

SHIT.... my old housemate sell most of my stuff without my permission,
no wonder he always refuse when I want to come to pick up my stuff.
what an asshole..!!

doesn't kill me...
I can buy another oven, blender, microwave again someday..

but I really glad i can collect back my school books.
All are still in good condition,
not really complete though. Most are disappear...
But very nice i can get my books back, I don't have to buy and it saves me couple hundred $$$

What a wonderful gift for Hari Raya...

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