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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Penang 2 : Murtabak

Murtabak and Roti Telur in Penang has their own style

heat up the thick dough before add in with meat, eggs etc..

lot and lot, and lot of Onion...

Fish Head curry..

sounds very yummy, but to be honest I really don't know how to eat Fish Head.
I can't find where the yummy side is. Too much work and effort need to get those little "yummy" feeling.

The guy in blue polo-shirt,
I am Jealous with him, he got privilege to eat in front of the Periuk and Kuali..
he can choose whatever he wants, as much as he likes

Maybe he has "Hameed" membership privilege

our drink..
one glass each not enough, I want to order one jug.
But they don't have..!

here is Murtabak Ayam, Murtabak Daging (Beef), and Roti Telur..
with plenty curry and onion pickle to serve with

Roti telur,
different with what I expected.
I thought it will like what I had in Kuala Lumpur, thin pancake with plenty eggs inside. 
Here I have thick pancake with plenty onion and eggs.

I'm not a fan of Onion..

Murtabak was OK,
but not win my heart...

overall : no more eating roti telur & murtabak in Penang..
not match with my tongue 

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