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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ben's Nachos and Pasta

Ben's Cafe
Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

It was sunny afternoon,
Mr ran for almost 10km accross the road.
And I ran only 1km on treadmill,  fully aircond and alarm which is set to exactly 7.30 pm
(puasa ok.., tak larat lari)

I forced myself (even not hard enough) to ran at least couple times a week,
doesn't matter run on the road, or treadmill.
I promise myself to make my heart and lung work better, since I am refuse to diet or
do anything healthy. Run is the only activity to keep my heart work proper.

Anyway, weather was really clear and friendly when we finish shower,
and we decide to have dinner outside.

Ben's cafe is always a nice option to relax in the evening.
I like the outdoor table while we can sip put drink, enjoy the breeze an watch people around.
I dont know how many times we've been chilled here.
Way too often I guess.

Both of us love this place.

Pasta Pomodoro
Pome 'd oro (or whatever the name, but not Bolognaise)

I like the way Ben's cook their pasta. Firm, light and soaked in fresh sauce.
Different with heavy-meaty bolognaise like what I used to expected.
It just light tomato sauces with lot of tomato bits and grated cheese.
*you think I can get myself skinny if I eat this? no?

Nachos as a surpised order,

* awww... how could you know that i love Nachos sooooo much... :)

Nachos here is not that bad,
not enough meat but generous with sauces and chips.
If you compared with Nachos in Chili's or TGI Fridays where they arrange the chips nicely
(around 10-15 chips only)

here they just throw half bag tortilla chips,
top up with sauces
But still, the homemade Nachos always taste better.

ha ha

Nice Dinner, Nice Evening...

Tarawih..? adeeh... malas...

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