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Friday, 24 August 2012

Nasi Dagang

B.I.G Grocery
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

RM 16.90++ per portion
(mahal gileeer)

Selamat Hari Raya to every muslim in this world.
How was your Idul Fitri celebration? All great..?

Not bad here in Kuala Lumpur,
we were happy the road were empty..
shopping mall bit empty

Bit struggle though, bus services from Jalan Duta is off till next week..
I have to go anywhere by taxi #pwweeewwww...
**told you to learn to drive a car..!
when everybody eat traditional food to celebrate the festive season,
so do I..
When I read Catz's post about how nice nasi dagang for breakfast..
ho ho ho.. I am drooling around..
But craving nasi dagang would bit annoying if I have to cook myself
(how to cook lah....)

But glad, BIG grocery open some stall and sell traditional Malay food.
(Well actually plenty traditional Malay restaurant in Solaris Dutamas, but I will way too confuse when I saw an open table with 40 different tupperware filled with 40 kinds of delicious lauk, ikan, fish, curry, chicken, beef, eggs, in a different way of cooking.

So yeah, choose the simple one.
Pick stuff from B.I.G where I only have two option. Nasi Dagang set, or Nasi Campur set.
(I can't choose, so I pick both)

Nasi Dagang is Traditional Food from Terengganu,
where the rice is mixed from normal rice and glutinous rice (If Im not mistaken) it cooks with slices shallot and spices.

When the first time had this, I felt confused and complaint to the seller said that the rice is not cook enough.
The lady in food stall explained to me, nasi dagang is meant to cook firm and bit sticky from glutinous rice.
For me,
Wasn't  a nice experience to eat un-cooked rice.

But something not nice, doesn't mean you don't want to have it again.
Nasi dagang is addicted..
You want it again and again.. lol

Served it warm,
with any side dish you want..
(if kurang panas, put in microwave for 1 minutes)

Fresh Acar
(fruits and vegetable pickles)

and Beef Rendang

(where is the gulai ikan / fish curry..? )

Ribena, Beer, and TV

I had pampered tummy tonight...

Burp.... :-)

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