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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Naked Burger

It was my buka puasa day "I don't know"
can't really remember,
was couple days ago

Both of us were tired from office and can't really figure out what we going to eat.
After spent almost hours in grocery, we found a nice ready-to-cook lamb burger.
We decided to pick two of them and cook it.

We were too lazy to cook on the pan like normal burger and just threw it in oven.
set the time, and watch AFC.
After half an hour..
ta.. da...

My burger came out of the shape..
from pressed patties turn into big round jumbo size meat ball..

nice and well cook inside..
tender and juicy
just yummy

mint sauce make lamb taste better..

served with simple salad, potato wedges and couple sip of wine..

Wine on Ramadhan...??!?!
eerr... why not..?

very naughty..!

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