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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nasi Goreng Ala Thai

Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

Been too long didn't update my blog, I was too busy eating, running, and sleeping.
And I have new more interesting thing in my phone.
A nice apps to edit and upload my picture without bother add in writing or review.
But still, blogging is more fun..

Anyway, we have some dinner in Thai restaurant in Publika.
There is a hidden Thai restaurant in the back line where everybody seems don't really see it
(Or maybe I didn't see it)

Was a very quiet restaurant if compare with another.
The waitress seems very free to hang around (off course, no customer)
I was doubt about the taste, I was assume the place must be empty because the food
doesn't taste good.

But I am wrong..

cozy and comfy places..

My Ice Lemon Tea,
fresh squeezed lemon in fresh brewed tea
(no fake F&N tea)

Fresh Apple Juice
No sugar added

Just nice

Pad Thai Mee

I like the mini version of kuetiaw to make this noodle.
It served with chili flakes, roasted peanut flakes, lime slices and sugar.


(I forgot) Thai Fried Rice
very aromatic,
the taste of turmeric are bit too strong

love the cashew nut and raisins in the rice.

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