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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chicken Rice Balls

One of Melaka famous local delicacy..

My first experienced eat chicken rice balls in Melaka.
When normal chicken rice shop give you a bowl of garlic-ginger-brothy rice to served with steamed or roasted chicken. Melaka give you a ball-shaped of rice.
*I just wonder how many hands been touch the rice before I eat, do they use a gloves?  do they wash their hands? or not?
Or they pee on the street without wash and straight ball-ing my rice (like what happen in Vietnam street vendor served my banh mie)

But it taste good.. haha...
and I didn't see how they ball-ing the rice, let's pretend it's nice, clean and awesome.. lol

Sorry for being over-sarcastic,
but honestly the chicken rice in ball shape is unique and taste good.

for RM 6.50 I got half breast of steamed chicken and five rice balls.
It was bit sad at the beginning, 5 balls looks very small to me and I was ready to order my 2nd plate.
But don't get tricked by the balls. They were really filing, I can't even finish it.

Nice clear soup,
not so greasy
just the portion is too small

This good food perfectly match with teh tarik (bubbly milk tea)
A good option if we want to eat out which is not curry.
Not enough veggie though...

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