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Friday, 17 August 2012

Tony Roma's

Sorry for the poor quality picture,
phone camera is awfully bad..

Every person has their own way to release the tension.
Some went karaoke and sing like a broken excavator,
Some went party and drunk, and end up slept on toilet,
Some find someone to listen their story till the ear bleeding,
and I always end up in some meaty restaurant munch too much food... then creates a new tension (increase weight..)

Just like tonight,
couple minutes after I submit my report, print my thumb...
I ran away from office as punctual as I could without proper direction...

Bus-ing, monorail-ing, walk-in..
40 minutes later I end up in...

this random restaurant..


flip around the book menu, and I choose a random food after couple minutes.

Appetizer number 1

Appetizer number 2

Main Course

And I still hungry,
but too shy to order one more food... :'(

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