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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hari Raya Countdown (kuih raya)

Fasting is only couple days left,
now we start counting to Raya...
when all tv, shopping mall, radio play Hari Raya song
It just give a different feeling to a muslim community :)

Like another religious festive season,
Hari Raya means a lot of food.. laugh.. friends and family around.
Where everybody are relaxed, do nothing and eat everything.

All about happiness

This Raya I am not lucky enough to spend with my family in Indonesia.
(hopefully next year)
where I will just spend the day off in Kuala Lumpur with my sister.
Here is several cookies and kuih we prepared so far.
Kueh kapit, bahulu, and kerepek pisang is not arrived yet.

Cornflakes and honey cookies
order from officemates

Butter cookies
this one too

pineapple tart

Chocolate Moist Cake to Die For...
made by my officemate

mini cupcake

mini chocolate roses
with almond inside

I guess I am the laziest person in celebrating any festive season.
I don't even make any special shopping, or special cooking.
All the Raya cakes and cookies ordered from officemates and some local stores.

It doesn't matter where I am, with who I celebrated with
Hari Raya  would never change...


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