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Friday, 29 August 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip 3: Telok Cempedak

Lanjut - Kuantan - Cherating

Another long hours of driving (luckily wasn't me) from Lanjut to Kuantan. We were look for any restaurant and grocery place to fill up our cooler box. It was a nice drive because all the way were traditional village, beach, and jungle. The bad thing was we can't find any Hypermarket to buy canned drink and ice cube.

Kuantan is kind of friendly place to travel. The city is not so big, but the Govt is taking care their place  so well. 

Luckily Telok Cempedak Kuantan is a place i really familiar with. I knew every single corner where to find what. We stop at some Chinese Grocery Store in Kuantan and filled up our cooler box with plenty ice cubes, fruits, beer, water and canned juice.

awhh... suddenly I feel secure...!!
Then we continue to Hyatt Regency for room and lunch

Latte in Hyatt

I thought I could just land my back on the bed and relax, or snooze.... But Hyatt got no room for us.
After lunch we continue to drive up to north to Cherating. It was almost evening when we reach Cherating and none of the hotel available. Both Impiana, Holiday Villa, Legend... zero...

I was ready to sleep in the car with my air pillow and Air Asia emergency blanket but Mr. convince me that he will find a decent hotel for me to sleep.

From the Kuantan - Kemaman road, We turn right to one small hidden road we've never noticed before heading to the seashore.

We were surprised that along the road were plenty Guest Houses, Cheap Hotel, B&B with cheap pub and beer all the way. Remind me with Pantai Chenang Langkawi.

We found a nice cheap Chalet to crash tonight.

Chalet in Eastana Beach Hotel

Surprisingly nice compared to my expectation.
A clean bed, clean shower, good linen, nice towel
Just the pillows have been squarely weird.

In the afternoon we had free and easy by the beach with cooler box, chilled juice and chips.

Dinner at Panorama Seafood 

Cheap, good food, and nice like usual.
It is a Chinese style seafood restaurant just next to Legend Hotel Cherating.
Approx 10 min drive from our hotel.

We slept around 11:00pm before we continue the Journey to North without any proper destination.
And that was Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

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