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Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Experience Using Dove Whitening Deodorant

This is kind of underarm conversation,
Might be gross for some people, but us... women... hell..!! its super important.

I love to wear both sleeves and sleeveless white shirts. But I always face problem after a while the armpit area will stained yellow from the roll-on mixed with sweat. 
Make me look so un-hygienic... yes, embarrassing... 

Other than that, women give a lot of concern to their armpit too... We have our own way to de-haired our delicated area. Plucked, Waxed, Shaved, Chemical, IPL, anything you name it...
Once the skin exposed, we just realized..
"Why it's darkening...."
"Eh, why it looks like chicken skin with a lot of ugly bum...."
"Sigh... the razor was too sharp, it shaves my skins too..."
"Ouch... the deodorant burn my underam"

Many more owh and ouch-ing when we talk about underarm, till my officemate ask me to try Dove Whitening and to feel the difference in 7 days.

I choose the smallest pack to make it easier to put in a handbag.

When I open them it was almost no aroma, which are => LESS CHEMICAL

Today is my 3rd day using Dove, so far everything nice.
I like the smooth feeling of my underarm and I love that all my shirts didn't show any stain.

Will see the results on the next 7 days.. *wink

Here is the tip for plucking or shaving... Which I guess most of us done it wrong
eh... :-P

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