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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip 4: Teluk Bidara Beach

It was Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Day,
Everyone I saw just back from the mosque for prayer.

After breakfast and check out in Cherating and drive heading to North. It took us another forever time to find a place to eat. During Hari Raya, everyone closes their business down to spend time with their family.

I am starving like mad.....

Along the road was empty like a dead forest, but I can't deny.
I really enjoy the scenery along, though. 

We stop at Teluk Bidara Beach.

It is about 20 min drive (with lots of lost) from the Dungun main road.
Not much thing I could say, but I am truly in Love with Terengganu from top to toe.

Pristine blue water without pollution along the shore

please bear with me,
I am uploading way too many similar picture

Just because...

Yeah, just because all of them too good  not to share

I can retire and stay here

jogging each morning and afternoon along the beach

enjoy the clean water and air

A bit sunburn, maybe


x reti acaner nak rotate

Boat yang tersadai kat pantai pun maintain macam tu...
how good the view is

jarang-jarang jumpa yang macam ni,
we don't waste our time and start taking our pics here

one is not enough

Couple shot at least

I manage to snap couple sign boards of the guest house.
It must be nice staying there for a weekend. In a quiet place with nothing disturb you.

Just bring your own equipment, food, drink, gaz etc. The place is quite far from everywhere

after couple round
we are back to City Centre heading to Kelantan

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