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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Social: Fried Rice

Being too lazy to cook for late lunch....

We went to Publika and wander around.

There are plenty restaurant in Publika, but kerana dah tiap-tiap hari lalutengok, dan makan kat sana... rasa bosan itu ada juga lah...

Kalau dah bosan tahap seperti ini, selalunya kita akan pergi ke The Social.
Our almost daily eating place.
We almost know anyone work here, start from bartender and services area.
Some of them are people who actually work in the Social in Bangsar Village.

Order pun we choose a food that almost having a similar taste with home cooking.

Nasi Goreng dan Kopi

Atas, Nasi Goreng Basil for RM 16
Bawah, Nasi Goreng Biasa for Rm 16
Kopi for RM 8

Mahal sangat ka...??
not really

Cider for RM 29 (ini yang mahal..)

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