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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip: Part 2, Lanjut Golf and Beach Resort

From Air Papan beach resort, we were heading North to look for a place for lunch. It wasn't very easy because of Ramadhan, and we took the east coast remote road which barely people live around.

It took us a couple hours in driving without direction while we look for some place to eat and rest.

It was dark and we need a place to crash on.

We found a hotel near the sea called Endau Beach Resorts, it took us 30 min to drive there.
But when we reach the place. It was an EMPTY resort. Without any car or light on the guest room.

Scared to get disappointed with the surprise there, we decide to turn back and look for another hotel. Thanks to Google and Waze, we found another hotel after 15 minutes drive heading to North. Finally, we found out another random hotel to check-in.

After browse briefly and seems all the review in the Trip Advisor about Lanjut Golden Beach Resort was not good, but we got no choice and we have decide to just book and sleep. VERY EXHAUSTED....!!!

The hotel was in the middle of nowhere. I bet when it managed well, it will made an awesome getaway just to runaway from any noises, gadget, and just hiding. But I bet not... This hotel is falling apart.

Green Swimming Pool
The architect's fault for choosing a wrong tile color

A not so bad environment,
Just bad maintenance

a nice surrounding

The first time I saw a hotel charge from using the swimming pool.
Which not even a good pool..


I can't deny the room is huge.
we got 2 queen size bed for 2 people, which end up with one bed empty.

I was so grateful for whatever bed or hotel I got that night, I was hungry and exhausted. Sleep like a dead person. In the morning breakfast was awful, Mr decide to let himself hungry and try to find a food somewhere (which later he can only eat after he reach Hyatt Kuantan... boo....!!!!)

Not a bad experience, at least I got a good deep sleep before we continue the trip.

falling apart golf place

We heading north now

To Kuantan for lunch..

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