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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome 2014

People celebrate their new year in their very own way,
Some are party really hard-knocked out- pass out-vomit-lost their wallet and phone-hang over.
Some stay at home and watch the firework from home
Some have a family camping, and went for a prayer on the next day to thankful and hope.
Some really give a huge crap about change of year they have to work half died  to close the account

Don't feel sad if you didn't party out and watch the firework till you get half burnt face  and half blind eyes during the countdown, 
Year change is not about the celebration but about compare of what you plan for the whole year and how much you've achieved it, what you plan for the next year, and how you are going to get it.

I don't really understand about people crazily burn the firecrackers, ride their loud motorbike around the city and  keep screaming "Happy New Year" like they just win the jackpot or something, if.....

If  they don't make any difference but extra wrinkle year to year.

*share a happiness of course, something I missed out in this life...

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