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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Balik Kampong Trip: Day One

Chinese New Year holidays,

I also took a chance to use it to go back to my hometown. I book ticket from AirAsia couple months before the price getting crazy, and let my Bangka-Belitung trip burn just because I need only choose one trip.

Time to go back home tho...

After birthday dinner, I take a trip to my hometown. A very early flight, I have to leave the house at 3:30am. Thanks to Mr for book the taxi for me.

The flight landed at 8:30 am, add in about 2 hPringlesxi back. It was raining and the road very bad. Well, all the road in Indonesia never good in my opinion. Add in flood and rain wash the tar away least the rocks and wet mud make the trip more like an offroad one.

Balik kampong is like love-hate relationship tome. Love the kampong food I ccouldn't find anywhere in Malaysia unless I visiting a friend who has a super thick Javanese culture in their family, hates the road, the heat, the humid, the dusts and mostly I hate the extra kilogram I earn from too much food.

Like what I've expected since the first day I've been non-stop eating food.

One of the worker's wife brought me this heaven food. We call it BUNTIL. A simple dishes made from young papaya leaves, softened in hot alkali water (mixed of boiled water and a bit of clean river mud) to remove the bitterness, 
Filled with mixed of seasoned grated young coconut and salted fish then shaped into tennis balls, tighten with bamboo strings, and boiled them in Indonesian style curry gravy (opor)

2nd dish just after I am able to breathing
In Kuala Lumpur lontong often enjoy it with sayur loder and spicy peanut sauces.
Sambal godog is similar with sayur loder except sambal godog is more simple, and spicier with extra pounded dried chilies for colour.

A very common drink for Indonesian especially Javanese. Is a boiled of many leaves, grass and herbs to drink.

Our family's favourite jamu is sambiloto / hempedu bumi / Andrographys Paniculata,
Is a bushes plants with dare-you-to-drink-i-give-you-20-ringgit of shitty bitter taste of dark green liquid.

Since great grandmother (moyang) till me, we still randomly boil and make this concoction just to keep us healthy.

Science research been proven that this herbs is way too good for diabetic mellitus both to reduce the sugar and to heal their creepy wound just in three months

Malaria, dengue, aftersurgery, cancer,
Anythingw related to cleanse the toxic out of blood and cells regeneration.

But of course, for modern people with urban lifestyles what is this herbs compared to fancy chemical expensive medicine from hospital?
Drinking cheap liquid is not fancy at all..!!

But for me, I would rather spend my money for vacation than enrich chemical factory.


Poor car,
I like you a lot tho
Smashed like pringles fuuuyyy :(

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