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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Food Panda Delivery: TGIF

Lazy weeknight is always become my daily fever. I always wish if I have an  Indonesian maid come every evening to cook a fresh, healthy Indonesian food or at least a catering service I can subscribe every month to deliver me a different meal each day.

Too bad we don't have, and I am such a bad meal planner. 
When I cook most of the time is always repeated menu.
Or if I try a new food to cook, most of the time it turns into disaster...

Order take away become our daily routine too, after we got no idea about what to get from the restaurant downstairs. But, how long you can stand eating Nandos, Dominos, and Indian..?

We were quite (suffer) until we found a good way to order a food from restaurants around.
Just need to download the apps on the phone, sign-up, and order.
It will show the restaurant available for delivery around the area with charges as low as RM 4 for delivery.
Cheap right...!! Compared with ROOM-SERVICES-DOT-COM charges RM 15 for delivery.

Like tonight we order from TGIF... here to tapau food look alike:

our ta-pau container

All food came in wrapped in tin-foil,

My marvelous Beef Tacos

Fish and Chips

He said: I'm happy when I don't have to be your guinea pig of your cooking.. Ngeeeehhhh

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