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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day Trip: Pulau Ketam via Port Klang

It was a boring weekend, we were totally got nothing to do and feel lazy to go to shopping malls.
We just randomly jump into KTM after breakfast and went to Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam (Ketam = Crab) is an island next to Port Klang,
Where people came here for fishing trip or just to eat seafood.
We took KTM Komuter from Putra to Pelabuhan Klang, for about 45 minutes
add in Fast Ferry from Port Klang to the island.

KTM nowadays, 
much much better than KTM used to be

Ferry Fare (RM 7/way)
Journey about 30 min

Pulau Ketam Sign 
Welcoming us

Pulau Ketam is a very small and It doesn't looks like an Island at all.
People live above the sea. They build their houses and road on top of piling sticks.


People here seems not to care about the cleanliness.
I can imagine billion Mosquito around the rubbish.
Sewage smells around the kampong too..

The seafood...
Fishing village should've had the freshest seafood ever,
but not here...

we bought beehoon seafood, which came out with 4 tiger prawn and couple slices fish.
The fish was fine, the prawn is spoiled.
Giving us bad tummy all the way back to KL.

The same dish in Mei Keng Fatt - Ampang, they will charge me RM 20 (with nicer taste)
Here they charge me RM 34

Pulau Ketam is crappy
Seafood disappointing
Location dirty


Anonymous said...

tambah kena bayar rm34 for not so good food...
next time if i nak pergi sana, kena bawa food and drinks from home laaa
btw, the photos are nice!


Mrs said...

thanks Syaz, it just trip near by to fill our boring weekend :)