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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Balik Kampong Trip: Day Two

I didn't go anywhere whenever balik kampong. Just chill around the house, eat and sleep. It's totally rest and hiding place from anything, anybody, anywhere.

In the morning, we found a wild quail eggs in the paddy field this morning, I was meant to hatch it but my mom said it can't be hatch because they spray the field with pesticide. She just threw them in the boiled water. SAD...!!!

For breakfast, my mom had prepared the special dish for me. 
I've been requested her to make it just because I LOVE IT SO MUCH

It was kampong (village) style of salad made from Ulam Raja / kenikir, bean sprout, and any other green we could find around the house. Boiled, mixed with spicy grated coconut, served with steamed rice and deep fried baby fish.

Oh so good....

Spicy Urap Kenikir  and Rice

steamed rice cake,
the Chinese use it for prayer...
we eat it as breakfast :)

at 9 something both of my nieces arrived.
They always came to my parent's place after school up to their mother pick them up

they steal my heart

hang around with my sister too...

damage my hairstyle with this stupid beauty center re-fukin-bonding
leave me like a wet rat

Afternoon, everybody repeated my birthday party (again)
I had a countless birthday party like usual...

As a Javanese old folks, birthday is not a cake but this cone-shaped yellow steamed fragant rice served with various side dish includes roasted chicken, vegetable, fried noodle, and many more we wish.

And of course, somebody wants to have birthday party too...

yeah, two of them

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