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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Perhentian Island 2013

It is my 2nd trip to Perhentian. 
And yes, was so excited cos we had a great one last year.
Too bad I have caught by flue since one week before left me lazy and slow.
I can't even take any heat and bright sun.

We took an early flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu by... 
Hmm.. Cheap Air Asia.. (What else la..)

Early flight to avoid another night stay in Kota Bharu

Followed by 1hr taxi and 30 min wonderful fast boat journey to Abdul Chalet.

It must be world hottest temperature I've ever felt in my life. 
Half boiled and no aircond able to conquer the heat.

My 5D4N trip to Perhentian itinerary was:

Day 1
Arrived at Abdul
Check in and Lunch in Abdul
Nap all afternoon while Mr is going to swim
Half way jungle trek to get some cheap beer, but turn back after couple meters (not worth a risk)
Beer at coco-hut
Nap again till dinner time
Dinner at cocohut
Back to chalet and zzzz

Day 2
Wake up very late
Walk to shark reef
Breakfast at Nia Cafe
Boat to Long beach
Coke time at longbeach
Lunch at Abdul
Back to chalet
Nap till death
Swim in the late afternoon
BBQ at coco hut
Drink at Tuna Bay

Day 3
Breakfast at Abdul
Boat in Turtle Bay
Snorkeling at Turtle Bay
Lunch at Nia's cafe
Swim at Abdul's Jetty
Dinner at Tuna Bay Resort
Watch MU
Hang around in Porch

Day 4
Sleep late
Coffee on the porch

Lunch in Coral View Island Resort
Beer in the reef

Day 5

Boat to Kuala Besut

Lunch in Kuala Besut
Bus Kuala Besut to Kota Baru
Flight to Kuala Lumpur

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