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Monday, 30 September 2013

Emperor Chicken

Bored with posting about travel which is
"not far from just-like-that" post

I want to share a new menu I really like

Emperor Chicken is a modified of Beggar Chicken if I'm not mistaken,
with thousands herbs and spices to add around before finaly double wrap and steam for many hours.

this spices is HALAL, everybody no need to worry to give a try

thanks to spice package.. 
cut 90% of the headache

Mr bought this package from the grocery store and show me the incredible taste of emperor chicken.
I am forgetting to take a pic what inside but I can remember that so many berries, slices of herbs, root, and powdered-spices. Pigpig corner show some of the spices here

Mr add in some tofu-puff, dried beancurd, 3 kind of mushroom (straw mushroom, shitake and oyster).
Wrap together and steam for (I guess more than 2 hours)

The herbed-aromatic chicken just after out from the steamer,
It smells like a Chinese medicine shop

A nice tender herb-aromatic steamed chicken
Served nicely with fragrant bhasmati rice and stir fried kailan in oyster sauce

A good dinner and plenty left over to bring for lunch tomorrow :-)

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