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Monday, 30 September 2013


Dreaming of weight loss..
*anything you name it

Vietnamese Salad - pack of hamster food, Rabbit Food - and Sugar glider's
Been two days I forced myself to eat something like this

When I drool around watching this normal-human-food

Green Curry Chicken and Fried Egg

Really tried hard to tell myself that I had enough of those good food 
and need to give my stomach a break a bit

at least for one week

Instead of feeling healthy  and proud of myself, 
I keep dreaming about my old love
Warm-cheesy-melt Sheperd pie...

calming, shooting and relieving, Thai massage => no need
sleeping pills => no need.. cos I will sleep well after a good meal

or a big portion of rice, curry, mutton masala, papadum and cucumber raita spread on a very wide of banana leaf at least

There won't be a war in Syria if their people eat good food like this everyday

Probably the whole country tried to change their eating habits like me...
involved a lot of moodie day at home and office too for sure..

totally not easy lah.....

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