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Monday, 16 September 2013

Perhentian Island 2013: Turtle Bay

It cost us RM 20/pp/Way from Abdul Chalet to Turtle Bay
p.s: there is no taxi services there, so make sure to ask the boat to come and pick up at the certain time.

In a long bumpy trip

Turtle bay is an area where the Marine conservation doesn't allow people to build anything here.
This place is the beach where sea turtle lay their eggs at night.

The view..? Owh so stunning
The water..? much more clearer than any beaches around. We can see the sands for 20 meters
The sands...?  soft and nicer.. No broken coral around the beach

I feel like just want to camp there and not going back to the chalet 

And we are alone

just like a private beach :)

Little Paradise just in the corner of the island :)

We back to the Chalet at 12:30 for lunch.
Definitely will go here again next time,
A little longer time

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