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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Healthy Lifestyle

My mind must be brainwashed by Herbalife people

They keep coming to me again and again,
Criticize the food I eat (the name of the food, the ingredient and the amount)

Especially the amount...
They said I ate too much more than what I need.
I ate food which triggers to bad moods
I ate food which makes my body older than my age

Its quite a nuisance,
But I keep thinking that they might be right.
Most of the time I stuff my mouth without thinking what actually these foods made from..
esp : Chili fries and Pringles.. Oh so damn good...

I start doing this with my classmate Amy

I start doing yoga when my back pain is unbearable.
Mr keep telling me to join Yoga for my body and mind.
But I was too lazy and I keep thinking this bending and squatting exercise doesn't burn any calories,
and...   Peace the mind..? Hmm....

Regular prayer peace the mind, not yoga...!!
The feeling of close to God peace our mind, yet it only need 5-10 minutes each session compared with
Yoga which it can be up to 2 hrs on each class.

Anyway, I still register myself in yoga class.
And I really enjoy it.
In fact, I addicted to it.
Yoga eases my back pain, and give a lot of difference to it.
I sleep much better too.. Probably cos my body stretched well

The other thing I like from my yoga classes is I met and socialize with different people,
and learn about the right food to eat (Damn Herbalife people...)

So yes...
my mind washed and change into something like this

Eating this to replace my my nasi lemak and teh tarik
~ each morning ~

I should do this at least 5 days a week
And have a moderate feast on the weekend to treat myself

OK.. I will start doing..

and if they do this to me..


Sure I gonna Kill them

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