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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Broken Shoulder Chronicles


Surprise in the first half of Ramadhan

Unexpectable weekend eh...?!?

It was a sunny and pretty Friday when we planned about many things for a weekend,
include buy gold fish in Pudu Market for the fish tank, made Shepherd Pie for Iftar,
wait my sister to come over from Penang and have some teh tarik together.

Send my sister to the airport on Sunday, and go to Ikea afterward to buy some lighting.

Sounds like a perfect weekend....

It was a perfect plan until the evening when we had showered and the pizza hut came,
Mr just jump from to shower and ran to pick up the call.

No dry the body, no dry the feet..
Ran with full speed....

Couple seconds after he went out, I heard a big loud arch.... ooowww... heeelllpp.... between phone ringing. I saw a big Godzilla lie on the floor holding his arm.
*1st injury, broken shoulder

I was in the between two choices either I helping him first, or pick the call.
I decide to just cover him with a blanket, and pick the call, and get my pizza.

After collect my pizza, I Tried to help by pulling him up, but I end up with falling over on his body.
*2nd injuries happen, dislocated joint

Friday Night in Emergency Room

It doesn't take us so long to decide to go to hospital,
thanks to My-taxi apps. We don't have to make so much call to book a taxi nor waiting on the roadside 
like and idiot.

40 mins later we were in the hospital,
With a very slow ER personnel.
I think if I am very sick, I will choose to die rather than waiting for them give me a treatment.

Sunday Morning

My sister came to visit on Sunday Morning before she fly to Jakarta for Hari Raya.
Leave two of us behind in this sad hospital.

No surgery yet,
everybody wait in a very bored mood
The painkiller doesn't really work
I guess its realllyyyy huurrttssss....

Sunday Afternoon

Finally at 2.30 pm nurse came in and give a lot of injection to papa-san,
It was very quick,
next 10 minute they take him go and back again at 5:30 pm

He still drowsy and confuse when he back to the room,
Remind me with my cat at the time I picked him from the vet for surgery.
Kind of confused, upset and bite me.

Latte and swollen arm

No Gin-tonic,
No Tequila,
No Mojito,
No Tiger...
Just not-so-good latte from expensive Starbucks is enough..
Watch stupid series, before another injection to help sleep..
(I really wish the nurse give me sleeping injection too... that would be good for me)

Monday Night

Getting sick with the boring taste-less, cold hospital food
I decide to sneak in some Chicken Rice and Curry Noodle for dinner.
Afterwork, I just stop over in nasi-ayam place under the condo, and tapau some to bring to the hospital.

Bored with the tiny room,
we wander around in the lounge for free coffee.
Free coffee...? YES, FREE COFFEE and comfy couch..

but not so long,
the place is closed at 10.00pm

wander around with cold-pack

Get well soon papa-san..
We go home as fast as we could,
This hospital is very boring.. I know....

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