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Monday, 1 July 2013

Penang Weekend Getaway

We close the first half of 2013 match with some short vacation

Thanks to Mr.
He treats me a short getaway to unwind all my craziness and to catch up with my sister after so long.
With not much preparation needed. Just a tiny suitcase and backpack,
we reach  the airport at 7.30 in the morning. Sleepy.. YES..
My first time fly with firefly, the tiny aircraft. I feel a bit nervous.
The aircraft is tiny, the walkway is tiny, the engine is tiny. IS IT SAFE..???
Yes, of course it's safe..

we still sleepy...

It doesn't take long for the such tiny aircraft to boarding and depart. So simple and convenient.
At the same price I pay for Airasia, I've got free 20kg luggage allowance,
 fruit juice and selection of snacks.
Airasia I have to purchase  everything..
Now I wonder why I am so stuck in Air Asia (victim of  advertisement I guess)
40min flight to Penang.. And yes, we reach the Place too early. Decide to get some breakfast before the room is ready.

Penang is like a love - hate relationship with me. 
The food is good, but I never able to decide where to eat.
The city is nice, but the traffic jam is sickening. 
The people are friendly, but the taxi price is pain in my butt.

Mr. Pot was became one of the eating options for our brunch.
Just a simple eating place like Chinese Kopitiam style selling simple food and plenty drink from
coffee, tea, juices, and  alcohol.I help myself with Tuna sandwich and some Lor Bak 
(deep fried home-made chicken sausages with
some random spices), We had ice coffee and beer.

Checking around the facility

Walking back from Gurney drive, we check-in to the room.
Not really bad, I guess it's worth the price
Bit old and stale, stingy with towel, and shower gel.
But overall it's nice

The room is big with super-king bed, separate living room.
Two bathrooms (guess bathroom, and one big bathroom attached to master bedroom)
and Jacuzzi


We give a try the Jacuzzi,
yeah.. I feel like an old silly person who never seen jacuzzi before.
Well, we don't have it at home..

So, why not..
add in chilled wine and beer..
We made the afternoon..!

In the afternoon, my sister arrived.
After chit-chat and some silly shopping we went to hawker centre in Gurney Drive
to eat some local food.

Random Food from the night market

Penang is a paradise of food for people who really fancy of it.
Bihun sup, Char Kuew Teow and satay tonight.
I want to eat Penang famous pasembor, but no space more space in my tummy.


I guess we went mad about food,
Most of the day we only eat, eat and eat

All about food

Don't forget to give a try the Briyani and Nasi Kandar too...

We didn't roam around too far like when we have Langkawi and Bali trip.
We couldn't find the place to rent motorbike.
Car..?  NO...
Somebody will go crazy stuck in the traffic jam..

So yeah, we only walk around nearby Georgetown and Gurney drive TO EAT...

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