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Thursday, 25 July 2013


A French Cuisine at home...?
eh, why not...

We had this boy sitting in our fridge for many days,
I am so itchy to remove them somewhere or do something about them.
But I have totally no experience in cooking zucchini except grill it and toss with vinegary-sauce. (And I don't like the taste at all.....)

Been asked Mr to look for idea what to do with the Zucchinies,
He mentioned about Ratatouille which I have no idea what  is that except the cartoon I watched couple years
ago in cinema

At the first time I was bit worry, was it will taste so zucchini or cucumbery and their friends..?
But I just say yes, and give a try

cook each ingredient separately

Mr show me how to cook, and this is his recipe  how to make it step by step

Its kind of fry - fry - fry...
then mix all together,
the last bit is add in water and some tomato paste.

Is it really simple like that...?
It is simple.. just need an extra patient to cook and fried every vegetable separately, one-by-one,
and the quality of the ingredient is one of the key too...
(so, don't take anything which are not fresh)

good to serve with any meat

I like this food even it made from vegetable which looks like and taste like cucumber..
Even I had it on the next day too for my fasting-break

In fact, I love this new food...

my tummy loves you...

Latte afterward....

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