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Friday, 12 July 2013

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I had this food for the first time in Vung Tau, a couple years ago.
Since then I am in love with this bland-boring-tasteless food

I said that Vietnamese Spring Roll is quite tasteless,
It is really tasteless.. (But I like it)
Made from a bunch of Vegetable (carrot, coriander leaves, mint leaves, and lettuce)
You may choose any lettuce you like, no special rules.
Boiled Prawn, Grilled Chicken, Bihun, Vietnamese Rice paper and some sauces.

The taste of the food made from the super salty Hoisin sauce and sweet Thai Chili sauce.
Some people might find this food is tasteless and boring,
But its fresh and healthy...

Most of the Ingredients

Arrange and wrapping is part of the joy in making this food.
I feel like I am in kindergarten play with my origami paper.

Soaked a dry rice paper in a cold water, just for a couple seconds.
Don't soak too long of it will soggy.

Lay it on the dry plates.
Add in lettuce, carrot and cucumber.
Top with cooked bihun, shredded roasted chicken, coriander leaves and mint leaves.
Last, add in prawn and wrap tight and nicely like when we wrap envelopes.

Ready to munch..

Would love to eat this everyday... :)

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