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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Intan is in Kuala Lumpur

Intan is one of my old best friend,
I met her for the first time when we study together in IPB (Bogor Agricultural Universities).
I was a very nerd girl from kampong, and she was a gangster from Jakarta.

We just match, study and hang around together since then.
But she only stays for one year, and move to bigger University.
However, we still maintain the friendship until now.

Before Ramadhan, 
Intan spare her time (and her $$) of course to fly to Kuala Lumpur on the weekend
just to visit me.. (sweet huh....)

We didn't do much during her visit because I have class in the morning and Mr is very sick at home.
*Sorry darling, I have to leave you for 2 days to roam around with my best friend.

Durian before Movie

We met in Bukit Bintang and stay at Radius International hotel.
And she got me two boxes of my fave tea.
Thanks a looooott......

We watch some silly movie,
Purposely choose a silly movie just to make us laugh and relax.
I can't afford to watch some serious or even horror.
Stress me out..!!

Drink, Movie and Tea

After the movie we had a late dinner in some Fish and Chips place..

Dinner Time

It was a short but very good visit.
Thanks a lot for visiting me...
See you in October before you fly to Beijing.. :)

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