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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Estilo Tapas Bar

Celebration of Hospital Discharge

everybody home..
No more in the Hospital


and papa-san say YES..
he wants to eat out too..
just to celebrate the day we dismiss from the hospital

We've been very tired with having hospital business, add in work and Ramadhan at the same time.
It's not about the hungry, it's about ran around from different place at the same time at a very limited time.
So yes, a little celebration tonight...

We didn't go too far,
just somewhere near the house

Lot of Food  => Happy Face

Estilo is a Spanish concept restaurant selling some tapas, paela and steak.
When I saw the main course, everything is served in a huge  size.

So we decided to just order a couple of tapas to share.
Fritata, Cod Fish with cheese, Stuffed sweet chili and random bread

The fritata is good, just to portion is too small (well, its a tapaz, what are you expect...?)
Sweet chili filled with meat and blue cheese sauce is awesome, definitely makes my night.
Fish cod in cheesy sauce is fail.. too much potato inside,I found barely cod
The bread is nice, soft, fresh and fluffy

Lamb Satay, Wine and Caramel apple with ice cream

The lamb satay is tough and chewy (yet very expensive)
The wine is good..
The dessert is kind of confusing, it contains with very high sugar but I can't taste the sweetness.
Just a headache after my first spoon.
Later I realize its a caramel sugar (stupid me..)

makan.. makan... makan... yaiy....

The total damage for two people

Good place to eat out,
Should try the paella rice sometimes

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